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Re: [microsound] AE patches and cute squirrels

At 21.49 +1000 01-07-30, Julian Knowles wrote:
stuff when you need it for 'slicing and dicing'. After so much lush, detailed, spatial music, i find flatness/bluntness refreshing at times..

Absolutely. In my opinion you need contrast/tension in music. I just listened to an ea-piece from the early 70's by swedish composer Rune Lindblad. just a plain VCS3 (old analog synth), no reverb, no effects, no eq and it was extremely aggressive and forward sounding. It was beautiful!

Max/MSP is favourite digital instrument and I usually have a lot of fun working with it. Its a very creative environment.

I also happen to think it has a basic sound of its own which could be described as flat (or even lifeless) when I compare it to the old analog equipment I also love & use. But its just a characteristic of the instrument and once you know it you can deal with it. If you are good at it you can probably get away using only Max/MSP but personally I need to mix with other sources.