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Re: soundDesign in max/msp

> Different interfaces result in different compositions and sound
> design.  I've found that
> the music one writes in Csound is different than the music one writes
> with Max, Supercollider,
> Tape, what have you.   Therefore I think  it is very possible for
> someone's piece to sound Max-ish.

But if the interface is something which one designs
oneself (as with Supercollider or Max/MSP), then it
would seem to me that they're more likely to function
as engines for idiosyncracy in ways that Csound's
"grammar" [score/orchestra] would. And in any case,
couldn't one make precisely the same argument about
Csound, in that it's also extensible [write your own
orchestra modules]?

> >2 and 3 are with respect to:
> >a. synthesis of the human voice
> as far as I can tell Max is not the *best* place to do this.   you
> are looking for an environment
> to deal with mathematical vocal-tract models,  Linear
> PredictiveCoding (old school), or FOF.  as far as I can tell MSP
> would not be the best place to do this.

Unless you wrote an FOF object in MSP, of course.
I believe that there already is a set of objects for some
LPC operations. My general sense is that MSP is perhaps
not the most likley place for operations which involve
pre-analyzed data sets, but that's just because the overwhelming
majority of users I know use it for live/real-time work.

> >c. synthesis of non-electronic instruments
> the Karplus-Strong string algorithm should be very simple since it is
> just a delay line
> and a filter.

There is a Karplus-Strong. In the old Dispensation, KS was
not possible to model due to limitations in signal vector size.
That should be a thing of the past. Since there are folks out
there who vigilantly work to protects the patent they hold on
KS, we at Cycling '74 would get sued for infringement if we
were to make and distribute KS objects; that's why *we* haven't
made and included 'em. Someone else *has,* however.

> I would suggest looking into wave guides, which model many
> instruments with delays and feedback.  however, some of the more
> complicated ones will be difficult to realize in a graphic language
> such as MSP.

You might want to take a look at Dan Trueman and Luke
DuBois' "PeRColate" collection of MSP objects; they're
Open Source MSP objects which implement a number of
Perry R. Cook's physical modelling instruments, and they
work jes' fine in Max.


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