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Re: [microsound] aesthetic approach

but even accidentally, where/when/how do you tell yourself that something
should be left in or dropped out? i guess i'll be expecting some rather
post modern responses. i don't really know where i'm try to get to with
asking these questions. i grapple with these  types of questions when i
paint or do visual pieces. "this looks like shit". "oh the colors off".
"that thing is in the wrong place". how do you talk about music aside from
stating which artists you like to listen too? there is music theory in its
classical sense that people can talk through, but with the dawn of new
sound tools, it seems that there should be a new dialectic being formed.
oh well, i'll stop rambling for now.

"there are too many triangles in the chicken"

On Fri, 2 Nov 2001 lcparkes@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> accidentally (mostly)

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