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Re: [microsound] aesthetic approach

Mark Khemma wrote:

> but even accidentally, where/when/how do you tell yourself that something
> should be left in or dropped out?

By listening to it in the context that I would like to present it.
I think it not really a "telling yourself" but rather observing
it and feeling it for yourself by listening.

> i
> paint or do visual pieces. "this looks like shit". "oh the colors off".
> "that thing is in the wrong place".

With digital media when you faced with responses from yourself
like the above, you change it.  Try something different, go back
to the original, delete it, copy it, paste it, process it.

> classical sense that people can talk through, but with the dawn of new
> sound tools, it seems that there should be a new dialectic being formed.

It's in such it's infancy and completely changing all the time I don't think
there is any real "way" to approach it.  The thing I've found most inspiring
about microsound work is that people are approaching it from many
different angles and approaches.  Often completely different from the
way someone else would.   Keep reading what other people are doing
and you'll find a vast array of approaches.


"When did we forget that we're animals?"

Kerry Uchida

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