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Re: [microsound] aesthetic approach

I second the accidental approach.

emma and I really do compose as we go.  we use multiple samplers, keyboards,
racks and racks of effects all through a 16 channel mixer.  so we can
controll each sound, patch in different effects, e.q., mix levels, you get
the idea.  we never have a set list, we improvise as we go, and it's never
even close to the same thing.  so a lot of the posts to this question seem
very intellectual, and I would guess that their work sounds very academic.
which is ok if you like that kind of thing.

I guess the point of this is that it's hard to look back at one of our live
recordings and create a reason for why we did what we did.  it happens fast,
as in "damn, the dead air is approaching".  I think it's pretty natural for
people to try to explain what they do, but I'm honestly not thinking of
object/subject relations, deep listening, or the musings of obscure German
composers.  If we had to do everything on a laptop, or compose in MIDI, then
I suppose we would have more rationalizations (and maybe grant money).  but
the way we have physically set up our gear allows us not to have to worry
about those things.

gross generalizations by graeme.

will work for nail polish

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