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mitchell akiyama live in montreal, nov. 2 & 3

from the desk of alien8/substractif

Mitchell Akiyama performinig live @ Casa del popolo Friday Nov 2

Substractif recording artist Mitchell Akiyama will perform live at the Casa
del Popolo This Friday, Nov 2 at 10pm.

Mitchell Akiyama has established himself as one of strongest forces in
Montreal's electronic music scene. Aside from his substractif debut, Hope
that lines don't cross he has released a selt titled cdr and compilation
submission for his own imprint Intr_version and has a release in the pipes
for the incredibly hip Raster Noton label.

Most recently Mitchell Akiyama was featured at the recent FCMM festival
along side the likes of Richard Devine, Phoenecia and Venetian Snares as a

Ninja Tune's DJ Luv will be spinning an eclectic mix of techno etc. before
and following Akiyama's live pa.

The show takes place on Friday October 2 @ 10 pm and admission is $6.

for more information... http://www.alien8recordings.com/news.php3

also, from the annals of cortex...

You're invited to CORTEX 1.0

SATURDAY, NOV. 3, 15:30 - 20:00

With guests:
it's all good!

Finally, Montreal artists and public can meet for an afternoon exchange,
debate and listening pleasure!

On the FORUM menu:
Everything you wanted to ask guys who make music with machines.
Performing  with laptops? What gives?
Reasons why artists choose the electronic route.
The question of Live in electronic music.
The relation with public and dance.

On the PERFORMANCE menu:
Watch in your face audio performances of all players, with added live
improvisation and interaction.

Free entry.
No stage.
Nice people.
Things which refresh.
Cardboard boxes.

3.30 pm    Welcoming party : audio ambiance
4.00 pm    FORUM
5.30 pm    Pause : audio ambiance
6.00 pm    PERFORMANCE (live!)
7.30 pm    Questions and Debate
Audio Finale

Note : Event scheduled to run in French, with possibility of English
language interaction, Montreal style!

Information : http://pages.infinit.net/produx/

CORTEX : grey matters!