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Re: [microsound] aesthetic approach

hello (my first post, as I'm new on this list)

my work - which i'm calling Interacting Sonic
Intelligences -  is a generative system by the
emergent interactions of multiple computers running AI
systems of rules, heuristics, machine listening,
state-systems, all toward the control of sets of
(sound) generators. The performance will not include
any human playing in any way - I don't want the habits
and tastes of the human to dilute a pure machine
system during this part. With the AI systems I'm
looking at the current method and concepts and
reworking them to be more irrational and
disfunctioning - simular with machine listening - i'm
thinking about what things to look out for, how to
process , and purposely aiming for alternatives as
this will result in more alien responces between