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Re: [microsound] aesthetic approach

>>  If we had to do everything on a laptop, or compose in MIDI, then
>> I suppose we would have more rationalizations
>-ever thought about combining these techniques..??  most of my sounds are
>made the way you compose your music (..patching in all kinds of generative
>manipulative tools) and then i start to record, twist, turn, fade, cut,
>copy, paste, whatever..   for me this is the ideal way of creating sound.
>whether i work on a computer or with actual synths, i always record my
>output, so i can capture whatever i do without having to think why i did
>and later i have access to all those sounds and i can use my 'instinct' to
>cut out what i dislike and amphasize what i like most. i think this way one
>can create 'composed' music and also capture (personal) natural movement of
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