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High-pitched hum in Pierre Henry CD

Did anyone buy the third Pierre Henry boxset that was recently released? If
you did, I'd appreciate if you could verify the following for me:

Do you hear a high-pitched hum during most (if not all) of
Hugosymphonie/Gouttes d'eau? (on the bonus disc, 03.4 -- gotta love the
marketing folks at Philips Music Group France for tying this unreleased 21
min. piece to the boxset and to put it *alone on one CD*...)

I guess this is an artifact of the recording process (or maybe of the
sounds' treatment)... though this seems somewhat strange as the piece is not
that old (1985) and such shrieking (if relatively subtle) sounds did not
appear on other CDs, IIRC. Hence the small doubt about a defective CD.

Thanks for any input on the matter.


Guillaume Grenier - gollum@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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