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aesthetic approach

Sup micro-landers

well, first off Go to the Tom Freedman show in NYC at the new museum and see the sculptural form of micro sound.. (and I feel that is very accurate).

I make instruments (max patches) and then play them, then edit the out put.

Sounds simple, but a lot of steps happen in the meantime... The act of playing is very important to me. I love to improvise... and I want to push that as far as it will take me. I need to be exploring when I work or else I get board.... also working with the computer in an isolated environment is a little like listing wile working, so it is very important for me to really like what I do. . . to think that if I herd it in a different environment I would run out and buy the CD or 12" (the 12" is happening very soon check in at reodjectz.com to find out when). . .

.. . . and the editing. . . well no one is perfect. . .(not that I'm close, but ever once in a while I make shit that even I don't want to hear. . )

BTW I think that this is the least aggressive thing I've ever put on the list. . . hugs and kisses to all.



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