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Thurs 15th Nov @ 13th Note Cafe , 50-60 King Street , Glasgow

CONSUME present

Opopop + Alejandra & Aeron + Klaus Oldanburg (Diskono) DJ

Thurs 15th Nov  @ 13th Note Cafe , 50-60 King Street , Glasgow
0141 553 1638.  www.13thnote.com . 8:30-12pm . £4

OPOPOP "digital abstraction + sense of humor". This Barcelona based duo of
Anna Ramos and Roc Jiménez explore the complexity of microstructures,
multi-layered sound, crackles, plops and sarcasm. Computer music for
hooligans. Algorithm-based fun for chinchillas. They have released stuff on
Mego, Fals.ch, Lucky Kitchen, Diskono, mínim, Bovine.org and their own Alku:
their she-cat, named Alku, created a label which began with a sober
postcard, but which thereafter launched projects much more eccentric, such
as editions of a series of microcassettes (yes, these small cassettes of the
size of a box of matches) to the recent publication of 3" CD "Regards" by
American Wobbly (fourteen pieces and about thirty musical styles in less
than twenty minutes). Future Opopop projects include releases on Alku, Mego,
Touch, MIK, Ertz, Tiln, Austrohungaro, a split 7" with Kim Cascone on Beta
Bodega and a split 12" with JLIAT on Edition Records, as well as some sound
installations. "Juicio Final", Opopop's new 3"CD, is out now on Alku. See
also: Evol

"We prefer to break the academic barrier by adding a little pop, nonsense
and iconographic hooliganism. Our group of the bedside is Ween, which should
answer any questions"

ALEJANDRA AND AERON Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman are musicians /
artists who live and work in Logrono, Spain, relocating from New York, where
they were married in a Chinatown church in 1997.  Since 1997, Alejandra &
Aeron have operated the Lucky Kitchen record label subtly combining a fine
art aesthetic of ideas through beautifully measured home made packaging with
a refreshingly off-the-cuff approach to realism in their sound work.
Describing their work as "electronic folk music", Alejandra & Aeron bring an
evocative human touch to the normally cold formalist worlds of experimental
music and sound based art. Ars Electronica prize winners (for digital music)
in 2001, Alejandra & Aeron have exhibited and performed internationally,
releasing sound works on record labels such as Fat Cat (UK), Tomlab
(Germany), Goodiepal (Denmark), Audioview (Belgium), Diskono (UK), with
artists such as Aerospace Soundwise, To Roccoco Rot, I-Sound, Hrvatski,
Matmos, Klangkrieg, Sachiko M, V/vm appearing on Lukcy Kitchen releases a/o

In addition to a regular recording schedule, and film soundtrack work, their
installation "Bells Intervals" rang from the belltower of the Ex Teresa
Contemporary Art Museum in Mexico City this past July. Their sound work
entitled "Pueblos Asolados, Underwater Villages" in the "Listening Pod" is
currently exhibiting at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris before moving
onto the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg in November. On November 23rd,
Alejandra & Aeron's first UK solo exhibition '(re)visionLAND' will open
(with a special live audio performance) at The Changing Room in Stirling,
curated by long time collaborators Diskono.  The aim of the exhibition (a
combination of instillation, film and text works) is to "set up a puzzling
situation of dialogue about landscape", including full size replication of
English Garden scene (with sound), video works and traditional Spanish Belen
Christmas window scene, suggests subjects such as colonialism, foot and
mouth and shaping of the land, but also talks about myth, and utopian images
slipping (and surviving) in the cracks. http://www.luckykitchen.com

Additional information

Opopop in Manchester!!!!!

Monday 12th November

Opopop ; Mego artists from Barcelona.
Martin Archer and John Jasnoch ; Traditional improvised music from
Lee Patterson and John Fitzgerald; Home made instruments and reconstructed
Weaver, Pendro, Laptop and partners ; Litigous interactions with guitar and
single white email.

Bar Centro (0161 835 2863), 74 Tib Street, Manchester.  8.30 pm to 1 am.
Admission FREE. CONTACT: alectro_ecoustic@xxxxxxxxxxx

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ICQ# : 60493625

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