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CASCO PROJECTS, OUDEGRACHT 366 | 3511 PP UTRECHT | T/F 31 (0) 30 2319995 |
Open : Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm

UTO, The Technology of Tears a project by Luke Fowler with: Diskono/
Inventory/ Jakob Kolding/ Felix Kubin/ Franz Liebl/ Ian Trowell

3rd -23rd November 2001

UTO: The Technology of Tears is a project by the Scottish artist Luke Fowler
(born Glasgow, 1978).

Luke Fowler's work can be characterized by a search for new activism in
different expressions of culture, e.g. art, music, cultural theory, graphic
design and film documentaries. He makes installations in which he often
presents work by other artists. His installations comprise of collated
material: drawings, poster designs, videos, and sound.

The project UTO: The Technology of Tears consists of a series of events in
Casco. Luke Fowler has collated diverse material of the participants in
Casco. This archive consists of a.o. posters, videos, music, and a slide
projection and is open to visitors during office hours. The project makes
reference to both the innovations in avant-garde music by British composer
Fred Frith (featuring DJ Christian Marclay) and more locally to Amsterdam's
defunct Bilwet Foundation for Illegal Knowledge. In the Mid-90's Bilwet
coined the term "Unidentified Theory Objects" (UTO) to describe a
non-hierarchical internet archive which published and plundered texts,
flaunting copyright laws, with a subjective and non-careerist approach to
transgressive cultural production. This "bricolage" approach to research,
archiving, design and performance can be seen and heard in action, binding a
diversity of mediums utilized by the participants within UTO: The Technology
of Tears

The economist Franz Liebl gives a lecture on 3 November, which also marks
the launch of the project. From 7 - 11 November Inventory makes live radio
broadcasts every evening with interviews & sounds collected that day in
Utrecht. Sunday 18 November the Scottish electronic collective Diskono
performs and to close the series Felix Kubin plays on 20 November in EKKO
(Bemuurde Weert W/Z Utrecht).

Programme of events:
3 November, 17.00: Opening + Lecture/ Performance "The Future of Bricolage
and the Bricoleur of the Future" by Franz Liebl (in Casco, free entrance)

7 - 11 November, 20.00 - 21.00: Inventory - Endless Sonic Media, a series of
radio broadcasts (from Casco)

18 November, 20.00: Diskono - perform "WOW", a 'physical remix' night with
special guests Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire (in Casco, free


20 November, 21.00: Felix Kubin - live performance with DJ's Klaus Oldanburg
(Diskono) and Meuuw Muzak in Ekko (Ekko, Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3, Utrecht,
entrance: Fl. 10,-/Fl. 7,50 students).


Archive with an account of all events at Radio Interference (NL)

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