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Alternating Currents Information

Subject: Alternating Currents Information

                   Alternating Currents Concert Series

                  The Gallery at Deep  Listening  Space
                               75 Broadway
                           (Historic Rondout)
                              Kingston, NY

                       Tuesday, November 13, 2001

   The Alternating  Currents Concert Series, curated by Stephan Moore,
continues with  new tape works and electro-acoustic improvisations from
musicians at Bard College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and
SUNY-Albany.  This series, based at the Pauline Oliveros Foundation's
Gallery at Deep Listening Space in Kingston, NY, brings together
musicians, composers, and sound artists from the myriad of academic
communities in the Hudson Valley to share ideas and present their work
to a wider audience.  The public is invited to attend on November 13th
at 8:00 PM. Featured in this  concert will be the Bard Electronic Music
Ensemble performing an excerpt from "Treatise" by Cornelieus Cardew,
laptop performers Vance Stevenson, and "Jessica Rylan Can't" of  Bard
College , and the improvisitory duo of Troy Pohl and Stephan Moore of
RPI. Also featured will be performances of the tape compositions  "Mimsy"
and "inc.crc" by Michael Cox and "wOmb" by Jim Garlin of SUNY-Albany .
The next concert in the series will take place at the Gallery at Deep
Listening Space on December 4 at 8PM.  For further information,
please visit <http://www.oddnoise.com/ac/> or  contact Ione at:The
Pauline Oliveros
Foundation(845) 339-6858  FAX (845)338-5986


[ [ [ [ [ [ [ * ] ] ] ] ] S t e p h a n M o o r e (518) 331-3131 http://www.oddnoise.com

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