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Re: [microsound] High-pitched hum in Pierre Henry CD

Finally got around to checking this out and yes I also hear a constant
very high and possibly out of phase pitch during that piece.
Pretty annoying.


On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, Guillaume Grenier wrote:

> Did anyone buy the third Pierre Henry boxset that was recently released? If
> you did, I'd appreciate if you could verify the following for me:
> Do you hear a high-pitched hum during most (if not all) of
> Hugosymphonie/Gouttes d'eau? (on the bonus disc, 03.4 -- gotta love the
> marketing folks at Philips Music Group France for tying this unreleased 21
> min. piece to the boxset and to put it *alone on one CD*...)
> I guess this is an artifact of the recording process (or maybe of the
> sounds' treatment)... though this seems somewhat strange as the piece is not
> that old (1985) and such shrieking (if relatively subtle) sounds did not
> appear on other CDs, IIRC. Hence the small doubt about a defective CD.
> Thanks for any input on the matter.

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