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Re: [microsound] tops for the year

On 21/12/01 15:43, Andrei said in living color:

> On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, cray wrote:
>> well its that time o year again
> I particularly enjoyed the new Squarepusher. Quite mad. Very consistent.
> Jenkinson's possibly the most effort oriented electronic artist around,
> imo. The detail and amount of information in his tracks is sometimes
> mindboggling.

Hear, hear!

I can't fathom why this release has generated very little buzz and few
raves/discussions/etc. (well, the Red Hot Car single did, but not the actual
album, it seems).

I also think this was one of the strongest releases of the year. A man full
of ideas, not unlike Richard D. James (it's not by chance that these artists
have gained the reputation they have...). What makes his music truly
enjoyable, though, is that he's actually adept at executing these ideas. The
album also represents a great comeback IMO after Selection Sixteen, which I
thought was really weak.

> I can't wait to hear the stuff he's doing with Reaktor & PD.

Where did you hear that? Sounds exciting...

Some comments on other selections you made:

- I enjoyed a lot Drukqs, again contrary to the general opinion, it seems.

- I've said enough about Autechre...

- Vespertine disappointed me and made me realize that I don't like Bjork
that much... Her voice often irritates me and the arrangements she use can
get pretty cheesy. It seems those irritants were more active in this album
for me. Overall, the tracks seemed less imaginative to me.

- Richard Devine has a lot of potential (love his track on Lily of the
Valley) but he still has not released his great album, IMO. Considering
Lipswitch is his first full-length (right?), this is not as aggravating as
it sounds... ;)

- Endless Summer: I really have to get this one. I've heard good portions of
it and it sounded really nice.

- Somehow, I can't get into Mouse on Mars (though I've only heard miniscule
bits of Idiology). Maybe I'll try again in the new year...

- If you enjoyed the Robert Normandeau compilation on Rephlex, I'd encourage
you to dig deeper and get all the full albums on empreintes DIGITALes (there
are now 4, if I'm not mistaken). They're all good, no dud in the lot.

- The Telefon Tel Aviv album is very *nice*. I agree with the recent thread
on the idm list (and this was your point of view too, IIRC) that minus
points for this album can be attributed to its clinical feel. But still,
I'll follow these guys very closely.

- I caught Venetian Snares live and enjoyed it. I don't own the Planet Mu
album, but I suppose the show lifted tracks from it.

I'd just like to mention that the release of the third Pierre Henry boxset
made this guy very happy. The way Philips Music Group France packages the
"bonus pieces" and the shriek in Hugosymphonie do not make me happy,
however... Still, I am eagerly awaiting the next installation.

In a more microsoundish vein, I'm also anxiously awaiting my copy of Alva
Noto-Transform--still don't have it due to some labyrinthine dealings. But I
heard segments of it and it sounded very good! I just love [usually ;)] what
this guy does! Easily one of the leading lights in this genre, IMO.

Maybe these comments would be more appropriate on the idm list... Anyway,
I'm just responding... :)


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