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2001 personal bests

ok, ok, i want to play too...

some interesting sounds and moments from 2001, one for each month, slightly out of order:

1) Mouse on Mars: Live /Plan B, Portland
2) Invalid Objects Series: Fallt.com
3) Fennesz: Endless Summer /Mego
 (yeah, mine and everyone else's...
 is there a [microsound] Grammy?)
4) Ross Bencina: AudioMulch shareware
 (version 09b9 released yesterday!)
5) Labradford: fixed::content /Blast First
 (things you can still do with guitars)
6) Autechre/Daniel Menche: Live /Plan B, Portland
7) Down the Tunnelz Festival, Liepaja, Latvia
 (imagine all the low-end of a drum&bass party
 funnelled down the .5m by 1.5m sidetunnels of
 an abandoned military bunker...my organs shook...)
8) Infernal Noise Brigade: Live /Mayday Parade, Portland
 (anarchist marching band occupies Starbucks! film @11!)
9) Atomsmasher: Atomsmasher /Double H Noise Industries
10) Jan Jelinek: loop-finding-jazz-records /~scape
11) Monolake (+ visuals by Alexej Paryla): Live
 /Sonic Acts, Amsterdam
12) Acoustic.Space.Lab, Irebene, Latvia
 (tuning in to the music of the spheres.
 *not a plug but a confession* really one
 of the best moments of my year....)

Happy solstice,

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