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Re: [microsound] oval armani

> It's called "licensing," and it's just business as usual.  And which of the
> "masses" are we talking about - the ones of can get an Oval CD for 18$ or the
> ones who can spend several thousand dollars on an Armani suit?  I'm not being
> critical, just going a little further with your observation, which I find
> interesting.
> michael

hi michael
I see your point, nonetheless yesterday evening we had a BiP_HOp night hosting O.
Blaat (recommended to every beatless minimal fan on the list) and electronicat, more
than 100 people came and many told me they had seen a TV ad for Armani with Oval
music. Some didn't know which music it was and simply asked me if I knew. So, to cut
a long story short it is noticed by people. And, BTW none had Armani clothes,
thankfully... What I would like to know is if Mr Markus Popp did share anything with
his 2 other ex-bandmembers who helped design the wonderful music of early Oval. To me
it was their best period and what he does now is much more common.
Anyway, merry x-mas to everyone who was courageous enough to read up that post 'till
last line. philippe

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