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Re: [microsound] oval armani


as phillip pointed out, i think it's the mediated masses. NOBODY really buys armani clothes, but lots buy GQ or watch fashionTV to indulge in elegance from the comfort of the armchair. brand-name recognition usually entails some kind of fantasy image. i think we do the same thing with our own artistic prescence, even on a small scale. how many of us here on this list play with the image 'hacker', 'mad scientist', 'theif', 'magician' or even 'terrorist' (to name a few...)? maybe the future of [microsound] is not to be obscure, underground and subcultural, but to be monied, super-chic and well-dressed? in that case, i'm putting a grant application out to dolce and gabbana next week.

best, derek

michael wrote:

> It's called "licensing," and it's just business as usual. And which of the
> "masses" are we talking about - the ones of can get an Oval CD for 18$ or the
> ones who can spend several thousand dollars on an Armani suit

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