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Re: [microsound] oval armani

philippe petit wrote:

> actually I didn't wrrite the comments you refer to, but I'll second Frans as a

I know--they were written by Fraans. Sorry if this got messed up.

> they can also stop the importing by not distributing the foreign pressing. and when
> local japanese customer want to order a german pressing, once postage added they do
> not pay less than buying local edition.

Things must´ve changed, then.

In any case, I can understand that local record shops continue to distribute (cheaper)
imports if they sell more of them. I don´t think Japan is that big on import/business

> again, on "dok" popp isn't by himself`

Sure he is. All compositions are by Markus Popp. The sound-*files* (the raw material)
was the result of a file exchange by Christophe Charles, but if we´re going to start
including the actual sound material of a composition/track into the credits, surely
we´ll be here for a long time (did Pierre Schaeffer write his "own" music, or was it a
collaboration with the musicians he "sampled" etc.).