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RE: [microsound] parasites rework

Well Bill... I'd like to join you in the water, however... after having
requested a password via the address that Kim posted earlier, i have not
actually recieved said password. i am a newcomewr to the list, was turned on
to it by Kim Cascone on a recent visit of his to my area, and thought it
would be a great way to get to know folks here.

have i missed something about how to access the source materials?

any help would be appreciated...

David Fodel
Publishing Systems Manager
Wild Oats Markets
3375 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, CO 80301
Direct: 720-562-4831
Fax: 303-938-8474

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> From: 	Bill Jarboe
> Reply To: 	microsound
> Sent: 	Thursday, December 27, 2001 2:34 PM
> To: 	microsound@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: 	[microsound] parasites rework
> Dear Microsound members;
>     It seems I am the first micronaut to jump in the water on this
> parasite
> rework project.
>     You can find the rather brief mp3 in the folder 'bjr-wrk'. actually
> two
> pieces in one mp3: the title is  'Healsruststowie/vair,vert,victory,work'.
> It isn't in the Parasites Project Folder because the Hotline server
> wouldn't
> let me put it there. . .It didn't show the first time I uploaded and in
> the
> process of a second attempt an incomplete file appeared on the scene.
>    If any of you have full access to the server will you please remove the
> folder'bj r-work'?
>     There is also a file 'Test video l' that probably isn't much use to
> anyone; I'll try making something cross-platform compatible and nice for
> everyone in the future.
>                           Thanks
>                              Bill  
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