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it's good to see christophe charles come up in this oval thread because as
was already mentioned, "dok" was a collaborative effort across two albums.
obviously oval did his thingwhile "dok" by oval really blew me away (i
hadn't really heard  much since "wohnton"), i think it is worth mentioning
that "dok?undirected" by christophe charles is quite good on its own.
obviously oval's work has been manipulated a lot more obviously in a
digital/DSP sort of way, but the charles work has a certain kind of
electroacoustic grace to it (if that makes sense). possibly the closest
connection between the two is that last track on oval's album, which evokes
a similar feeling. (i think it also is obvious that in part the difference
in publicity, aside partially from reputation, is that "dok" was released on
thrill jockey whereas "dok?undirected" was released on ritornell, which is
generally lower profile, at least from my observation.)

i am not familiar with much else of christophe charles's work... is the
"dok?undirected" release fairly indicative of what i might expect?

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