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Re: [microsound] RE: McLabor

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> ""Chris wrote""
> "" Yes, let's just ignore all those undeserving, slimy, fat cat CEOs in
>  headlines, ripping off the general populace the pittance that they do
>  for their hard work.  We're already aware of all the old ways that
>  companies cut corners to increase profit margins, now they're inventing
>  new ones.  Like straight out lying about the profit margins to increase
>  stock ownership.""
> So any one that owns and operates his own buisness is a fat cat CEO?  Im
> sorry but if i owned either a small or large company manufacturing x and
> buisness is going along swimmingly then  why do i have to pay my workers
> more?  Cause im making money?  As Dave pointed out are they going to be
> as willing to take a pay cut when things get shitty?  I would pay my
> employess the market value based upon their skill set.  Id be an idiot to
> pay them more then my competitors are willing to.  Not all companies are
> evil mongering money grubbers.  You forget that this country is driven by
> smaller buisness's as well, many of whom are family run and operated.
> cant afford to take the losses that big boys do, or get caught doing their
> buisness in an unethical manner.  The big boys can just pay fines, its a
> cost of doing business.
> "" Apparently, economically viable in this job market means lie
> to your investors, burn the evidence, then run away."""
> Where did i imply this?  I dont support the stealing of honest's peoples
> money.
> """"I think we can all put down the antiquated, nieve notion that large
> corporations have any employee's best interests at heart.  That wasn't
> even true when people believed it.""""
> I think were talking about two different things here.  I was just
> on the fact that a worker shouldnt expect to make more money then what the
> market predicates.  Why should i earn $20.00 more an hour then im worth
> because im an a union for example?  That to me is dishonest as well.
> aLEKs
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