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Re: [microsound] "Expanded Cinema" [PDF books online]

also available from same archive: 

Ars Electronica publication "Eigenwelt der Apparatewelt: Pioneers of Electronic 
Art" --- 1992 
great info on Nam June Paik, Shuyu Abe and other innovators of analog 
electronic video synthesizers. !required reading for those interested in the 
development of live motion graphics! 



Quoting Jeremy Rotsztain <jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> "Expanded Cinema" is actually freely downloadable as a pdf:
> http://artscilab.org/expandedcinema.html
> jeremy
> > I recommend a book for any of you looking to enhance your sense of light
> > show/video/cinematic/ intallation history
> > "Expanded Cinema" by Gene Youngblood