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[ot] 2nd mp3 download.summer 2002

Dear folks,

On the occasion of my daughter, Ursula Hudak's, second birthday on 18 July, I have posted a 20 minute mp3 (18.1mb) recording for download, called "fog bells," which is based on a recording I made on a rainy night...with visibility on the water by lower manhattan obscured, one hears these bells:


If you are on a Windows machine, you can "shift and right-click" on Ursula's head to download the mp3 to your hard drive; or on a Mac you can "option-click" on Ursula's head. Doing none of the latter, the mp3 will load into whatever you have assigned as your browser's default player for mp3s.

You can order a 3" mini audio cd copy of "fog bells" for nominal mailing costs by e-mailing me.

Thanks Adele, Kaspar, Ursula and happy birthday to Eva-lucy Mathieu as well.
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john hudak