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[microsound] Re: analytical vs continental philosophy & microsound

At 5:45 PM -0400 8/3/02, david turgeon wrote:
my point being, let's not dismiss analysis too quickly, although it may
not have much to say about the aesthetics of microsound other than f(x)
= x+1.  what analysis _is_ useful at is in pointing at fallacies which
are impossible to detect in a "continental" universe (indeed, "fallacy"
doesn't mean anything there.)

Indeed, and it strikes me that computer music - a music generated after all through logic compiled in binary code - might be an interesting context in which for analytical philosophy to play; whereas in fact one finds attitudes in several of the continental all-stars (Heidegger's distrust of technology, Deleuze and Guattari's anticapitalism, Hegel's historical eschatology, and Nietzsche's musical taste all come to mind here) not entirely favorable to the microsonic cause. And perhaps what makes Wittgenstein so interesting for me - as well as fascinating to people like Derek Jarman (who after all hired the group responsible I think for introducing the "glitch" word into the pop-music discourse, Coil) and Thomas Bernhard (who began as a musician) - is that he touches several schools while, in perfect duck-rabbit seasonal spirit, never agreeing to wear the costume of any.
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