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[microsound] Re: analytical vs continental philosophy & microsound

At 3:12 PM -0400 8/1/02, david turgeon wrote:
as wittgenstein himself suggested (translating freely): "what you can't speak of, you mustn't speak of."

Yes, but at the close of the "Tractatus," he lists the topics about which one must remain silent, and these include most of the key areas of philosophical inquiry (for example, aesthetics, the self, and ethics, if I recall correctly after more than a decade). To me - and I realize many will disagree with this reading - this work is an excercise in methodical exhaustion, in which an elaborate logical exercise in pushed to a brilliantly tautological extreme at which point one finds oneself to have reached the punch line of what must be a joke: none of what has gone before works within the philosophic purpose. In this sense the "Tractatus" distinguishes the logical game from the philosophical game and hints that aesthetics (including music) can indeed be discussed in philosophy but not inside of a rigid and self-referential logic framework, and beyond that framework Wittgenstein proceeded to go in his later work. Well, I am happy to read here that people are actually reading and thinking about such texts, and am enjoying these recent posts.
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