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Re: [microsound] md field rec

I just bought a desktop Minidisc deck ... because it has SPDIF  and TOSLink
in/out to my soundcard.  Pretty convenient to just dump sounds onto my PC,
especially since analog recording is such a hassle on it.  I get all kinds
of interference from my monitor and buzzing and all that shit on my PCs
analog in, so if I just want to record a creaking door hinge, or percussive
beats made with my teeth, or whatever, I can go do it in a quiet room with
my minidisc, put that minidisc in my desktop deck and dump it on my PC
without having to worry about adjusting levels or additional noise or


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> >From: Derek Holzer <derek@xxxxxx>
> >no loop feature, however. sounds handy, but i
> >have only ever seen it on fullsize decks.
> Isn't a loop feature pretty standard?  My sony portable md player
> model from a couple of years ago) has a looping, shuffle, etc.  Lots of
> >one other thing to consider.... there are so few ways to get digital out
> >from
> >an MD player. maybe more fullsize decks do this, but not enough, it
> If you're dealing with a lossy compression format and cheap plastic sony
> mics will an extra analog stage really kill you?  If you have an even
> halfway decent A-D converter on your computer I don't think you're losing
> anything by not having a digital connection.