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Fwd: REYNOLS update

new REYNOLS releases:

-------------------------------------------------------------------- new on VALUBA MAFIFORO:


limited and numbered edition with remaked artwork of this album previously sold-out on the Reynols USA Tour 2001.

Here some comments on THE WIRE and THE SOUND PROJECTOR:
"The tracks on 'Pupola Ridos 192000', specially compiled for their
2001 US tour, boasts some startlingly beautiful moments. The
tendency to caricature Reynols as exponents of bastard noise, an
image that the cheap, trashy packaging of their CDs and gonzo
contents of their interviews only serves to reinforce, is belied by
a back catalogue of sublime moments. They create little tears in the
fabric, through which they cross over into entirely other zones. On
Pupola Ridos's second track (no titles), Tomasin's untrained vocal
moves into deeply human territories that defy the flimsy noise
caricatures that dog Reynols. He sings with a tortuously beautiful
quiver that recalls the gospel blues of Odetta or even the sorrows
of fado, Portugal's beautiful music of longing."
David Keenan/ THE WIRE (UK) issue  #218. April 2002.

"A jolly but abrasive ad indigestible set. All songs on this one,
enterely leaded by the wayward voicings of Miguel Tomasin, and by
the beat of his drums. The two other Reynols's horsemen ride
alongside, adding guitar, noise and keyboard backings as they see fit.
There's one chant, one ballad, followed by another chant that leans heavier on the bass toms and flange guitar excesses. Then comes an ungodly space-alien wail as Miguel swims happily through thirteen entire swiming-pools' worth of studio echo, while a distorted electronic organ contributes spooky effects. After this, the remaining songs get even stranger still -if that's conceivable. In particulary the short piano song, which has all the whismical charm of a
monster-bat eating his own young in a nest full of broken glass.
These dreadful recordings carry the sheen of a grotesque, primitive beauty like so much phosphorescence on underground cavern walls. (...)
'Nine beautiful songs for all the kingdoms' is how this specimen is described... certainly, I feel that the achingly persistent voice of Miguel could eventually erode an entire kingdom and vaporise it,
given time." Ed Pinsent/THE SOUND PROJECTOR (UK)issue #10. May 2002.

           "JAZ RONCO JAPI JAVAS" Vol.2
           "JAZ RONCO JAPI JAVAS" Vol.3
                 (3xCD set)

A limited and numbered triple disc set containing unreleased deep colective improvisations for organ, piano, trumpet, percusion, citarina, flutes, marimba, bombo leguero and several other instruments not ussually used in other Reynols's recordings. Including the first historical sessions with Miguel Tomasin playing andino Sax.
here's the track list:

Vol 1:
1- Moros Ostros
2- Fermo Mogal
3- Jaz Ronco Mentalimo
4- Lohr Japi Javas
5- Mamafofles Comtle Yotuan
6- Ariva Almerica2012
7- Recor Wawacon
8- Trilo Aversario

Vol 2:
1- Apoloca
2- Roba pucon
3- Nolan Sitere
4- Patriolo Consorte Wohs
5- Helo baluba
6- Gobia W W
7- Lavio Peve
8- Maysa
9- Jaz Ronco Mentalimo 2

Vol 3:
1- Vedeosmas
2- Flatdas Sutan
3- Es Crevirte lado uno
4- Supe Alba Samsamrejes
5- Ruibo Encas
6- Todo Sabamisa
7- mantecamio Mada
8- Jraolta Camarion
9- Contle Mantle
10- Estiban Guane Chorlin

VALUBA MAFIFORO valubamafiforo@xxxxxxxxxxx

------------------------------------------------------------------- new on BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS:


selling out soon...first copies including numbered and signed stamps!
a limited LP version on 220 gr. vinyl of this album is forthcoming.

"I think Reynols' may have devised a new genre of music which we shall call here "sushikraut." All the syrupy, seering guitar hallmarks & plodding time signatures of the finest psychedelic krautrock legends: Ash Ra Temple, Amon Duul II, Guru Guru (early), Xhol Caravan, & Can (early) etc. All the psychedelic, syrupy random lo-fi looseness and spirtual spaciousness of Ghost, Acid Mothers Temple, White Heaven, & Magical Power Mako. Throw in sing-songy Gergorigegege style vocalisations (For some reason Jandek also sticks in my craw) & you've
got yourself a masterpiece called Reynols." (from the BLRR site)

BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS (USA) P.O. Box 6715/Portland/OR 97228-6715/USA www.blrrecords.com toxicmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

new on tUMULt Laboratories:


"The argentinian out-rock/free-jazz/avant-noise masterminds Reynols join the beautifully disparate tUMULt family with a new installment in our picture disc series, Live At NASA / Tribute To Al Jolson. Led by spiritual/musical leader Miguel Tomasin (who has down's syndrome) Reynols craft a transcendental musical world where sound becomes feeling, feeling becomes thought, thought becomes noise, noise becomes Reynols.Band members Alan Courtis and Roberto Conlazo (both classically trained engineers) help Tomasin realise his visions, whether it's an entire record made from recording blank tapes, or a recording of 10,000 chickens. This time around, we are presented with 'Live At NASA', field recordings from... well, from NASA of course. And the problematically titled 'Tribute To Al Jolson' which is a piece composed entirely with synthesisers (many played by Miguel) with amazing results." (from the Tumult site)

tUMULt Laboratories P.O. Box 642371/San Francisco/CA94164-2371/USA www.tumult.net andee@xxxxxxxxxx

new on SEMI-ROAR (Japan):


"The result of an exact mathematical formula, here's another highly conceptual work by Argentinean band Reynols. A mesmerizing Top 45 from the Minecxio's liquid jukebox where the sound is slowly melting inside the center of Pythagoras' sacred geometry. Warning: This is not only a record but also a psychic energy battery that might bring you to the other side of the mirror. A whole hypnotic experience that can activate the Cosmic Rain. Not for beginners. ?Reynols claim their music to be the by-product of a psychic communion with every object they encounter- humans, pumpkins, rocks or discarded tape. As outlandish as it may seem, each Reynols album leaves the uncanny feeling that what they claim may in fact be true" says The Wire magazine, issue #204 Feb. 2001." (from the SR site)

SEMI-ROAR (Japan) Suginami-Ku Ogikubo 3-39-7/Hirokawa So #102/ Tokyo 167-0051/Japan www2.gol.com/users/semiroar semiroar@xxxxxxx


MUSICWORKS magazine # 83 (Canada)

including the unreleased track "Exsina Tiermo Dus" on the CD compilation along with the article
"Disabilities and Abilities for 'Thinking Outside the Box' in Contemporary Sound Work"

361-401 Richmond Street West/
Toronto/ON M5V 3A8/Canada


upcoming releases:

* "Roniles Dasa Selebro" CD on MSBR Records (Japan)
* "Fire Music" CD on Digital Narcis (Japan)
* Pauline Oliveros & Reynols "Half a Dove in New York, Half a Dove
in Buenos Aires" CD on SmallTownSupersound (Norway).
* "Air Amplification Mogal" 7" on SSS Records (USA)
* "Live in Bloomington" 8-track ltd. edition on Family Vineyard(USA)
* "The bolomo mogal F hits" CD on Audiobot (Belgium)
* Reynols & Decaer Pinga collab LP on Freedom From (USA)
* "Live in Ohio" 7" on Black Bean & Placenta (USA)
* "Reynols & No-Reynols: Live2001" Last Visible Dog (USA)
* "Sounds of the Argentinian Cooking Pot Revolution" CD made with
sounds from the popular protests in Buenos Aires. no label yet.

upcoming compilations:

* "Lowercase-Sound II" Bremsstrahlung Records. USA
* "Drone Records compilation" tUMULt Laboratories. USA
* "Strings & Stings III" FBWL. France
* "Blackbean's dirty little secret". BBPTC. USA
* "Like a Rug in a lake" Freedom From. USA
* "Adult hearing.." Spite. USA
* "Patchouli & Echoes? Temple of be Saint. Japan.
* "Vacation for hourly employees". Boxmedia. USA.
* "Trypthaphonic Mind Explosion". Mandragora. USA.
* "Comp 001". Raoul?s Left Ear. USA
* "Bring me the head of Nick Cain" Hell's Half Hallo & Since1972.USA
* "Sound Compilation". Monkey Records.Malasya.
* "Meditations Box set". Boxmedia. USA
* "Radio 100 compilation". JDK. Netherlands.

and more...

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