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christopher willits, shuttle358, kenric mcdowell in L.A.

we'll be playing at the knitting factory in L.A. today. here's the lineup:

shuttle358 (12k / mille plateaux)
christopher willits (12k / fallt)
kenric mcdowell (darla / fallt)
zygote (alectric / under the radar)

show starts at 9:30pm goes till 1.

new works at visuallistening include:

"Loops" - a series of moving stills or animated objects.
by jeffery mau

"OOP relationship sketches" - undefined diagrammatic
discoveries generated from object oriented
programming (OOP) structures.
by isaac levy

"april 5, 2002 at mills college" - an mp3 of the
beginning of my thesis concert. the entire recording will
be available on cd later this year.