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Re: [microsound] fwd: Studio Vocabulary: What are your favorite audio terms?

Interesting: I am working on a new Pluggo plugin called the "poingerator"
which is designed to add that vintage style poingeration that is so popular
in music nowadays.  It's so hard to find the old analog Poingerators
nowadays... and they are so overpriced..... 
I think your request was perfectly legit - Any term you can use to start a
discussion about the sound you really want to achieve is useful.  It took me a
while, but as an engineer I don't mind requests like this AT ALL. 

 I must admit to having gotten a little ruffled one time when I was the house
engineer at a sizable venue and the lead singer of a mid-level pop group
(insisted that I make her voice more "yellow".  I tried various tactics which
caused her to scream things like "That's green you fucking moron...can't you
hear GREEN".  Finally, in frustration, I just turned the only yellow knob on
the mixer, which happened to be hi mid eq level, Shouting "you want yellow,
there is your fucking yellow....." BINGO!  She loved it right away.  Who knew
that the eq knobs were color coded to the whims of psycho pop singers?


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>   I was once mocked by an engineer when I
> requested that he make the
> snaredrum  'pongier'.
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