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New Sound Research database

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Sound Database, organised by Sound Research Group, Staffordshire

Dear Colleagues in Sound

One of the exciting features of SOUNDING OUT, the international
Symposium held at Staffordshire University 11 - 13 July , was the
emergence of a new constituency which buzzed with new energy as
practitioners, educators, students and researchers in film, radio,
theatre, electroacoustic music came together through a shared concern
with Sound as a means of communication and creativity.

As a first step in taking the work of the Symposium forward, the Sound
Research Group at Staffordshire University is setting up a database to
enable this constituency to make links across practices, disciplines
and institutions. A second aim is to identify what colleagues in
different sectors of this constituency feel most urgently needs doing
in terms of research, media and arts policy initiatives, educational
interventions, audience building, etc.

If you are interested in participating further or joining the broad
based community of workers and researchers in Sound please would you
take a few moments to fill in the very brief questionnaire at this
address: http://www.soundfile.org/db  This will then be collated into
a Sound Database that will be made available on the web at

With many thanks for your contribution in making Sounding Out such a
success and in anticipation of your continuing participation in future


Christine Gledhill and Gianluca Sergi
Co-organisers of SOUNDING OUT

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Best regards,  Jim Flannery newgrange@xxxxxxx