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Re: [microsound] song ID?

What in the hell?  I was just making a bad joke off the 
first result that came up when I looked for 
"summer on the radio" on Google!


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> Philip wrote to microsound:
> P> The sentences were awkward; I only remember two: "There's a summer
> P> on the radio" and "There's a summer on the refrigerator". Please
> P> take a minute to try to remember these songs, because they should
> P> be unearthed if they have since been hidden."
> That's "Donna Summer on the Radio" indeed (and also
> donnasummerontherefrigerator and donnathedeaddonnathedead etc.). By
> Steve Fisk, from the compilation _Regional Zeal: Mouth Music from the
> Pacific Northwest_, a 1981 compilation on Palace of Lights Records.
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