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[microsound] AR models Re: [microsound] stochastic waveform synthesis


I'm not sure, but the new 'Plex' plug-in from Steinberg might very well use that (with other analysis methods).
Especially when you read what Wolfgang Palm was researching just before...
I wanted to experiment with that but haven't found the time yet. 


>>> glere@xxxxxxxxx 07/02/02 03:44PM >>>
Have some of you ever used AR synthesis for sound processing? (used in
some speech generation and compression)

The basic synth process start from a little part of a sample (e.g. 128
samples), than you extimate the AR model (that is you extimate its power
spectral density... that is a sort of a probability density function but
in the frequency domain) and obtain the AR coefficients (e.g. 12 taps).
The synthesis process is done by filtering white noise with the IIR
filter build with the 12 taps.

Let me know if you have try this technique (or a similar one), because
I'm working in something similar but the results are... boring!



anechoic wrote:
> >Kim, it sounds like you're reluctant to divulge the secrets of your
> >stochastic synthesis technique, but I would be appreciative if you or

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