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Re: [microsound] how to write a vst??

Get the SDK and go down to a function called processing, here you start. You get a buffer full of samples which you have to handle at once and in realtime and then you return it to the computer. At least there are two processing methods in the VST API, one for realtime and one for rendering like Wavelab.

On Windows you go best with M$ VC++, version 5 is enough. On MAC you should use Code Warrior, an older version like 6 works here too. Its because the gui lib you have to link is compiled in a CodeWarrior format, but Karl Steinberg was kind enough to offer some compiling service for programmers which is really cool. If you drop the GUI and go for plain interface, you can even use the MPW offerd by Apple but its pain in the ass, I never thought a company which is pioneering the Desktop GUI (invented by Xerox ;) ) would give out such an encapsulated prompt tool, but ok, its free. When you update a VST Lib, maybe because Steinberg release something new, don't forget to update the headers too as I done once and run of course in serious trouble.

All this I go through when I coded 'Microcomputer'.
Malte Steiner
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