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[ot] [gear] Need new SoundCard

Hi all,
Sorry for the quick cross-post, but I need some gear advice. 
I currently have a PC with a SoundBlaster Live! Value in it, using the
regular (non-ASIO) drivers. I'm finding that with the kind of music I
make (very dry, "glitchy" {shudder}, digital-sounding music with lots of
very high frequencies), that the output of the soundcard is often very
distorted. I have turn the volume on the soundcard way down and the
amplifier volume way up in order to hear the sound somewhat properly. 
Recently I got a $200 (Canadian; that's about $128 US and 132 Euro) gift
certificate to Future Shop, an electronics store. What advice can people
give me on a card which is higher fidelity than what I have within the
price range I want (not much more than $200 CDN) and is adequate for the
kind of music I make. Thanks in advance for any info. Feel free to email
me offlist if you want, but I will read responses onlist as well.
PS. Here are some interesting "binary baby blankets" as Bill Jarboe once
called this kind of art.

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