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Re: [microsound] just a tiny question

Im not sure the position is his at all but rather the position of the
current copyright holder: Peter Editions, the music publishing company that
administers the Cage catalogue. John Cage died in 1992.

In an ironic twist, the copyright infringer (Mike Batt of The Planets) has
gone on to register hundreds of other silent compositions ranging in length
from one second to ten minutes. "I couldn't get four minutes thirty three
seconds, obviously, but I got everything else," Batt said. He is proudest of
two of his registered copyrights: four minutes and thirty-two seconds and
four minutes thirty-four seconds. "If there's ever a cage performance where
they come in a second shorter or longer then it's mine". Additionally, the
track is credited to "Batt/Cage" with Batt claiming that "Cage" is actually
a registered pseudonym for Clint Cage. (taken from the Sep. 30th New Yorker

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> I couldn't really really find this information, so I figure this forum is
> just as good a place to ask as any...
> what exactly was John Cage's position on the ownership of music? I mean
> "ownership" creatively, though I did read about that legal battle over 4
> 33 sec. So many people nowadays seem against ownership, but what was his
> position really on the whole thing?