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Re: [microsound] hello Dali

> > what salvador dali might have sounded like had he been a composer.
> Salvador Dali WAS a composer...I have a double CD of his work somewhere in
> storage methinks

Dali did not compose but there most definitly works he was involved with
in some manner.

I believe whats being mentioned here is something finished posthumous
based on his existing texts and plot ideas.

And writing librettos and scenarios explains how one can have albums of
musical works and not be a composer of music.

In his lifetime I know that after he did a lot of high profile stage
commissions, and from time to time he'd pitch some of his scenario ideas
and they usually didn't wind up with them completed. One that did get
staged was some kind of ballet based on his ideas for the Met in 1942
(Bachanale). No one ever mentions the music but it surely was just
classical repetoire.

And don't forget that Jackie Gleason pop album he collaborated on,
"Lonesome Echo" that Capitol released in the mid 1950s :-)   (before you
get too excited its like Dali inspired Gleeson to compose music and then
Dali did the cover and posed with Gleason on the back photo making that
snapshot rank imho above Elvis and Nixon but below Bowie and Bing xmas
duet... but to get back to the matter, its typical Gleason hum the
melody and top session arrangers do their work on it for better or worse)

> hmmm... interesting.
> i think i've read in his book called 'I am Genius' (or
> maybe 'Diary of a genius', but translated slightly
> different), that he hated music. But i read this few
> years ago, maybe i didn't understand it right, and
> maybe not everything Dali said or wrote is true :-))
> As I remember from that book, Dali hated musicians
> because none of them is intelectual, in his words...
> Which is really a nonsense, of course...
> I think he liked Franz Liszt's music...
> But i'm definitely interested to hear some Dali music,
> if there is...

I'm sure there were some events and happenings where he would qualify as
musical director though never composer.

Dali was very much a classicist in overall taste though remember the
then unknown Tangerine Dream really was his party band for a summer or
so in the late 60s. He did have a thing for taking the interests of a
happening scene who he was trying to attract and then messing with them
enough so that he had everone's attention. (like its a mistake to have
invited him to your daughter's sweet 16 like Mia Farrow's parents did).
Anyway a lot of him involves summoning up his quite prodigious talent to
make him center of attention. And I believe critically his work suffered
when either he could too easily get that attention or he was too old or
young to summon up that talent.