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Re:Whitney Spears

Cascone said >but it is mostly the record labels crying bloody murder about

I agree with you Kim and would also add that it would be so simple for these
companies, early on in the tech revolution, to have offered their products
online as singles in MP3 formats to further the marketing potential. Wow,
what a concept...don't tell me that this wasn't a strategy that wasn't
brought up by the marketing staff. Why wasn't it pursued? Well your guess is
as good as mine, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the same
reasons they didn't release material on minidisks. A much smaller product
and they couldn't justify the outrageous prices they were going to sell the
larger $CD's$ at, don't even get me started on that, even though the MD
medium is more durable and easier to use. It is all about *control* my
friends and how they didn't embrace a technology because it meant risk. Now
they are pissed because the technology has left them in the dust. I am all
for artists getting what they deserve but it seems they should align
theirselves with forward thinking labels that will treat their art properly.
All the best, Mark Ragsdale