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RE: [microsound] Max/jMax/Pd for Mac OS X [and the list project]?

	And The included Docs are really all you need to get up and running
with PD (I had my first real patch in about 2 days). However, I don't think
anyone has started on a port of the Max wigout object (Kim, is the Max
object a compiled external or is it just a complicated patch?).

	I've given it some thought and I think I could wire up a PD
abstraction (no code required)that built wiggles, ciggles, and twiggles, but
I don't really have the time to do it. Plus I've been having to much fun
generating random Wigout scripts with perl to even really get into the PD
end of things. 


>a certain Alexander Payne <al3x@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>pd comes with extensive documentation and loads of example patches, made
>by the master himseld, mr MSP.