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RE: [microsound] book club choices

hi all

i had this list of resources from other list, that may fit the book club.
hadn't read any, but seems that are all pertinant.

Connor, Steven: Feel the Noise. Excess, Access and the Acoustic. 1997
Pierce, John R.: Symbols, Signals and Noise. Literay Texts in a World of
Information. 1961
Rasch, William: Injecting Noise into the System, Hermeneutics and the
Necessity of Misunderstanding. In: Substance, Iss 67, 1992
Schafer, R. Murray: The Music of the Environment. 1973
Taylor, Claire: Noise is OK. In: Semiotica, Iss 52-3/4, 1984
Thom, Rene: Stop Chance! Silence Noise!. In: Substance, Iss 64, 1983
Weiss, Allen: Phantasmic Radio. 1995
Deleuze and Kodwo Eshun: adventures in sonic fiction. might inspire or point
to other perspectives.

btw, i'm spanish spoken too. goes for all the latinos around.


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