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Re: [microsound] attali ---music as prophecy

first. i you think that the banks are a safe place for your hard-earned=20=

savings and that they have "gold-bars" corresponding to whatever you=20
put in ... google up "fractional reserve banking" and you're in for a=20
treat ;=3D))   except for a very few "banks-for-the-extremely-rich" in=20=

swittzerland thats how all banks works.

i must also disagree with the talk about "music as prophecy".

while it is well-documented that music, the type of game shows you=20
watch on television, fashion, pop-song lyrics etc.  changes with=20
society i think it would be very hard to see it as anything else than=20
reflection.  if nothing else simply because those who "produce" music=20
(and that other stuff) is also part of that very same society

i dont think any one discipline is prophetic. they just have different=20=

reaction times. one of the quickest the last 100 years have been the=20
stock markets as being an almost unregulated free marketplace. but=20
still the stock market only reflect the collective social mood (just as=20=


i would say that current music that anyone actually listens to and=20
reflect over is too marginalised an activity to actually make a=20
difference other than on a personal level of the very few in the=20

on the other hand we have a very large entertainment industry whose=20
musical output we hear every day.  and probably the bigger part of=20
those who produce music just want a place in that same entertainment=20
industry whether commercial or non-commercial.

the crisis in the entertainment industrys musical section can problably=20=

more be seen as a creative crisis and the consumers are simply buying=20
into the more involving experience of sound+vision (i.e. DVD:s with its=20=

large increase in sales). most survey:s show that mp3:s have had little=20=

impact outside 15-25 year olds and most of them just download enimen=20
etc. (i.e. the time-consuming act of searching and downloading act as a=20=

conservative force). the 15-25 year olds are the sole age group with=20
more time than money so cruisin the download-sites for a free ride=20
makes more sense to them.

s=F6ndagen den 2 februari 2003 kl 12.39 skrev fugadeserebros:

> hello, list
> [little bit *ot*]
> first, i've been catching up w/ my readings, so much essays, etc. but=20=

> something kept bobbling in my mind since i read the attali essay=20
> posted in this list. let's see...the prophetic role of music, it's=20
> "pure information" condition, the possibity of the ending of industry=20=

> [music commerce] as we know it, the remarks on the nature of copyright=20=

> (which was actually created for comercial pusposes, by book editors=20
> early in the XVII century), and its implied linking to property=20
> itself...
> i don't know...i mean, attali is an economist. he knows is "the=20
> management of scarse" and that its logic don't work on the information=20=

> universe.
> have any of you noticed that our economies are increasingly relying=20
> more on information than in physical matter? does the phisical support=20=

> of money make any sense anymore? bank accounts...when you check your=20=

> funds, do you see all the gold bars that give you credit card its=20
> value? information, again. difficult to calculate. we've lost the=20
> sense of quantity...anyway, attali wouldn't say it, (he works for that=20=

> world) but he somehow threw the stone...any ripples?
> sorry, maybe my synapses aren't working right this morning. maybe is=20=

> the heatwave going down here. greetings to all of you.
> PLEASE i've created my folder in the project wigout section, but i=20
> can't seem to upload anything...
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