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Re: [microsound] Want to know...

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I am nervous, and I don't wanna listen to speedcore anymore:)
 020200 <mw@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:sit back and relax!

At 06:56 31.01.2003 -0800, you wrote:

>I wanna say HI to all the digital headz and micro sound community! I just 
>joined the microsound and as I see the name Kim Cascone, I thought I am at 
>the right place.
>Anyway, I wanna know, wheter people who follow or write to microsound is 
>just because they are into experimental music only or not. I have been 
>into house & techno since late 80ies, so that I found minimal sounds with 
>the beginning of 1999 (thanx for Cologne scene and Force Inc itself). Does 
>anyone there who ignores the hugeness of house and techno and ignore the 
>relation between digital processing or micro sounds with house music???
>I hope people who I go on with, in microsound, are the real technoheadz 
>and believe in the power of ELECTRONIC MUSIC!!!

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