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Re: [microsound] Waveform editor?

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> Arrays in PD will let you just that.  You can set it to arbitrary =
length and either draw with the mouse or record/import existing waveform =
and modify it with a click of a=20
> mouse or construct arbitrary waveforms algorithmically.  You can then =
save it into a .wav file and use it in your favourite table-lookup =

hi michal
i'm also interested by your post.
maybe it's stupid but what do you mean by Arrays in PD ? is it a soft or =
something ?
and do you know others apps who let you create your own sounds, =
frequencies, algorythm... or whatever ? i'm new on that, so is ther some =
easy to learn ?
i'm using windows xp pro.

thanks in advance
> p y o
/ http://pyo.free.fr
// http://wigs.project.free.fr