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Re: [microsound] Waveform editor?

>maybe it's stupid but what do you mean by Arrays in PD ? is it a soft or 
>something ?

Maybe am I a little stupid too :) I've made some research on google about 
PD. Here is what I found on http://www.pure-data.org/

What is Pd?
"Pd" stands for "pure data". Pd is a real-time software system for live 
musical and multimedia performances. It is in active development by Miller 
Puckette , and perhaps others. The system is unfinished, but quite useable 
for sophisticated projects. It has been ported to Linux, IRIX, and many 
flavors of Windows.

Quite intriguing! But I'm still not sure to understand perfectly... Is it a 
basis to code multimedia applications? As you described it Michal, it's 
exactly what I was looking for, but can you create waveforms only with PD or 
do you absolutely need an app on top of it?

Thanks a lot for the clue!

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