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brief self promotion (upcoming holzkopf shows)

sorry for the advertisement, so i'll be brief.

upcoming holzkopf shows:

Feb 7th
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Arts Lounge of the U of S Campus
Music by:  adolyne, knar, psychological bomb factory,
blood music, ..., holzkopf, sylphid, root -1, nuthre,
lady gates, jon vaughn, ryan laprarie, jeff+nolan.  
Videos by:  Satan Macnuggit, Turning the Tide

Feb 8th
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Royal Albert Arms
Music by:  Heartworm, No Core, Venetian Snares, Knar,
Psychological Bomb Factory, Holzkopf, Fanny, TWLK, The

Feb 19th
Seattle, Washington, USA
Coffee Messiah (Cognative Dissedents)
Music by:  Holzkopf, Piedmont Sorpid, Coin Gutter

Feb 20th
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Sugar Refinery
Music by:  Coin Gutter, Holzkopf, Piedmont Sorpid.
Videos by local artists

Feb 21st
Victoria, BC, Canada
Fifty Fifty
Music by:  Piedmont Sorpid, Holzkopf, Coin Gutter,
Jeffery Allport.  

jake hardy (aka) holzkopf

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