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[increasingly OT] Waveform editor?

On Sun, 02 Feb 2003 20:27:45 +0000
"Nicolas Grenier" <greniernic@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >maybe it's stupid but what do you mean by Arrays in PD ? is it a soft or 
> >something ?
> Maybe am I a little stupid too :) I've made some research on google about 
> PD. Here is what I found on http://www.pure-data.org/

Yeah, that's the one.  Another useful website is here:

here are some screenshots if you can't find any elsewhere:

> Quite intriguing! But I'm still not sure to understand perfectly... Is it a 
> basis to code multimedia applications?

Sorry for not having been clear.  It's because Max/MSP and PD (both use the same paradigm of data flow representation as code blocks connected with patch cords) have been mentioned on this list frequently.  PD can be used to build custom MIDI, audio, graphics (2d and 3d) tools of (almost) any complexity.  Think of it as a set of building blocks necessary to make a software synth or sampler or effects processor.  A 'visual programming' language, if you wish.  And it runs in most popular operating systems (with varying efficiency).

> As you described it Michal, it's 
> exactly what I was looking for, but can you create waveforms only with PD or 
> do you absolutely need an app on top of it?

You can use PD to generate and/or process any audio signal (live input, synthesized signal either from an external synth, softsynth or PD itself, audio file etc).  You can generate any waveform within PD by using some of the tools available with the program (i.e. ascillator, phasor) or import/capture any waveform into the array (a table) in which you can use your mouse to draw.  If you don't wish to rely on another application you can use that table with either a table-lookup oscillator (there is one included in the PD distribution) or a sample reader (there are at least a couple of ways to achieve this).   Beware, it is not as user-friendly as most apps available commercially (well, that depends on your own notion of friendliness) but, IMHO, it's worth spending some time with. 

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