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           i completely agree with pelagius!

          now a days, there's too much collection of useless information,
          everything is recorded and stored. what's the point?

well no problem if you don't agree but to me the point is that some people are happy
to listen to some records more than once

          it's fetish.

          something like the eversharing object has this ephemeral aura
          makes it transcend some of our most recent everyday habits.

          the only thing i'm a little skeptical is, human nature.

          with that meaning, all we say here in the list is so utopic, but
          how is it that we're actually going to have people listen to it
          only once?

          what is it that will compell them to act in the proper way?
          (if there exists such a thing)

"the proper way", well if I were composing music I'd be pleased if someone wants to
play repeatedly my music. As I had written earlier I think that some compositions
need several listens before you can understand them, discover their richness, and
thus receive the pleasure. Anyway this is the way i enjoy music, and life in general,
when i like something I try to get the most of it. philippe

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