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Scarcelight Recordings 08.01.2003

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                            Scarcelight Recordings

current releases:

(slr13) Vrm. Fell 3"CDR
a story so bizarre it cannot be fiction, audio so disturbing in its
one can't help but ask...is this for real? yes. painfully real.

(slr11) Accelera Deck. Lulluxa 3"CDR
20 minutes of impossible clics, drones, and brick in the mouth guitar
East Coast tour release, ltd stock

(slr10) Accelera Deck. Shadow Land CD
...a simply lovely album. Sparse and almost lonely tracks envelope you
in a
kind of midwest warmth full of self-reflection and afterhours

(slr09) Tim Kugel. Self Label mp3
quiet, and classy electronics. i thought of snow and duct tape.

(slr08) Spraggadat & Pirre. Elsewhere & Otherwise ep mp3
guitar renderings. keywords: offset, hiss, free. 14 minutes/shuffle

(slr06) Anderegg. 90,000 mp3
 hot off a European tour, and fresh on the heels of his second
for Apestaartje, Brendon Anderegg conjures up over 16 minutes of
cracked electronics. 2 Anderegg songs + a collaboration with Aero.

(slr05) Slur. v1 html
interview with Desormais, copyleft index, and profile on graphic artist

(slr03) Slinger. f is for flame-thrower CDR
drum and computer improv duo. documents mammoth live set from the
Atlanta, Ga. Feb 22nd 2003 + new studio creations.

(slr02) Hearse. Dead On Audio 3"CDR
a no-fi, destroyed bliss masterpiece. created 06-07.2001, edited 06.2003

2 tracks, 20 minutes of dead on audio. two specially prepared cdr's
together on different stereos and captured with $10 microphones. we like
call it beauty on a budget, perhaps you will agree?

(slr01) Accelera Deck. Ipsissima Vox t-shirt
M,L or XL. brown or orange matte ink, on hand dyed apple green shirts.
wear what the pros wear. ltd stock remaining.

artist news: / / / /

EBSK: the group are set to master their first single for Scarcelight in

Accelera Deck: first album in over two years out on Scarcelight
the album titled "Ipsissima Vox" is a sonic tapestry woven into
flickering, contorted bursts of static,
and waves storming feedback. Acoustic guitars are draped over abrasive
wrinkles creating an avalanche
of staggering audio. At times the album verges on near silence,
contrasted with moments of blistering
guitar damage. This is an unsettling, yet engaging document with a
hardcore attitude.
File under: 'beautiful noise'

Rosy Parlane: The Allegorical Power Series Volume III on Antiopic -
curated by Dion Workman
features an exclusive song by Rosy Parlane.
Rosy is currently recording a full-length album for Scarcelight

Evol: Super Punani mp3 on Fals.ch download from http://fals.ch
Evol are currently recording material for a single on Scarcelight

Birchville Cat Motel: related release Armpit 'Butta Daze' CD on C/Psi/P
Utterly impenetrable 'songs' coupled to unfathomable blankness
(sometimes I swear they've packed up
and gone home!), makes 'Butta Daze' one of the most fearfully
disorienting, supremely damaged, and
seriously beautiful recordings ever allowed out into daylight.
Birchville Cat Motel 'Copenhagen' CDR on C/Psi/P
Recorded in live an old wooden church on European tour. hurray!
visit - http://www.cpsip.co.nz/ for info on these records and more......

BCM are recording an album for release later this year on Scarcelight.

Slinger: Slinger will be performing live with Accelera Deck on September
26th @ Cave 9
Birmingham, Al usa

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