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stephan mathieu / douglas benford - reciprocess 02 (und.and) |  CD

a cooperative work with london based composer douglas benford aka si-cut.db=
produced and curated between 12.2001 and 11.2002

If I intend to speak about work of Hans of stage, again transport to me thi=
at my days of school, as which for me the best music was mysterious, and ha=
a strange magic. Increasing in top in the landscape, I also find a quality
idyllic agricultural, which also seems to penetrate the structure the Hans
stage. There are also a direction of the loss and feeling far from taking
instantaneous 'better days', than probably the sun seemed to shine
continuous according to at the beginning of the summer holidays, which had =
feeling at the beginning of the Centres entirely of the possibilities, and
one moment, long splendourful. In order to work above of the audio document=
of Hans of stage, I felt necessary around this quality of preserved, but to
the tonalities an end 'of the material life' you probably give, thus on a
few pieces employed I not agreeing slightly of the tunings and the sometime=
na=EFve rhythmic ideas and frequently still played the results by various
generative methods with the software or the small articles. For example,
bolts itself install, which would never synchronize. In this way, that I
think, leave all the common pieces with some tendencies, admirably however
with the darkness, which I do not grant, if that only functions, because
they probably too are close to head ... si-cut.db on Stephan Mathieu =BB
Stephan Mathieu on si-cut.db =BB In spring when 2001 I were invited by Dougla=
in by him length-A organized the series of position given up in more total
London coffee to play. Brillamment to the bones arrived I in Heathrow and
became by my accomodate of the same temporarily without emfangen means. In
its small english garden in Bendfort however did not play role of the
bearings more. Since I was familiar currently music with Douglas not yet, i=
played me its publications, the sci cut.db, tennis, sons of knisternde
arranges, I, with his surprise, above in the internal Sailor, Orchestrates
Electric Light, pointed out Sparks. I liked this impression much while we
half of year after were invited, a contribution for the series Reciprocess =
/ vs. of BiPHOp/ F=E4llt to make, were sure I that a good idea is. When in
December 2001 in sheep-bridges first CD with the material the Douglas one
arrived, I only was in the past frightened: queest this that I should make
by this? Many pieces were simply perfect and marvellous music. I decided so
that I meet a choice and these pieces only with my noisetechnique means to
refourbir and two other the raw material that first for rem=E9lange not the
use. A few weeks later came second CD with Douglas' working to my files
with. Moreover these pieces directly inspired to my noise I in such a
context had never heard.

bip-hop | www.bip-hop.com

f=E4llt | www.fallt.com
blessington house, 18 ballynahinch street
hillsborough, co. down
northern ireland, BT26 6AW

cover by fehler
mastered by henner dondorf


 Does the release exist? I can't find it a f=E4llt or bip-hop.

                              thanks ,