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Re: [microsound] stephan mathieu / douglas benford - reciprocess 02 ( und.and) | CD

I checked the websites. I thought perhaps it was already released and the
people at f=E4llt hadn't updated the site.

  that should have been: I can't find it at f=E4llt or bip-hop.

on 8/3/03 11:19 PM, Scarcelight Recordings at c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> from the Fallt website
> si-cut.db and Full Swing + / vs. Stephan Mathieu und Douglas Benford
> CD | Bleep 22/F.0000.0000
> This CD is currently being pressed and is expected
> back in the near future. Check the F=E4llt and BiP-HOp
> websites for details.